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What is the Export Request? Many companies around the world have been using the system called lead management for more than a decade to take advantage of the digital world, which has understood the importance of common platforms and organizations. You know, Facebook, Google, which you have just met, is a form fill, send a request system.

Companies write the product or service they need into this source. You see it as Ready buyer demand and cooperation offer. This demand and company contact information you see is called lead. This job is called lead management, the export one is for export, and this service is called Export Request Membership.

Where Do Export Demands Come From?

Export Demands come to you from. This system has emerged as a result of the hyper-competitive strategy. Since 1998, in the world of Export and Import, the networks under the institutions such as Exporters’ Associations, Chambers of Commerce, WTO Since 2001, Commercial Intelligence sites, Report and Analysis Screens since 2004, web portal, B2B and B2C platforms since 2006 have been continuing. To follow this data, 12 million importers, around 2400 exporters’ unions and chambers of commerce, about 600 commercial intelligence screens, 2,381 portals and our teams come from field activities.
FOR NEW MEMBERSHIPS,  80% Incentive implements NO PAYMENT instead of Pay first and Take… Buy Export Requests online now. 

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IGEME  is the catchword not only by the name also with the exporter with the spirit of 18th year and today. Export Turkey is Our strength is not our  job. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, do not lose confidence and hope in changing Turkey and exporters.

With the Export Analysis Index developed by IGEME, your special export status report and to-do will be made free of charge to the first 1000 companies that are members of this system.

With this analysis, we will inform you about export-product-permit-certification and the supports you will benefit without additional charge.


At the end of the works to be carried out according to your GTIP code and product group, the demands that are suitable for you will be given immediately and continuously, for 1 year without any additional credit, contours or under any name.


We as İGEME , think that we know our business very well, we will choose the best country for you, and we will determine the potential buyer for you in the selected  country. By putting this idea into action, we prepare this list for you free of charge and give it to you.  Moreover. Instead of 12.000TL+ VAT All These services are 2400 TL + VAT

When will the Export Requests reach you?

Your Export Requests will reach you with a process that will start with the arrival of our Export consultants after downloading and filling out the membership form and paying only 20 % as part of the incentive package you receive .The export consultant will contact you upon receipt of your documents and will start your Export Analysis, along with this analysis, it will send you a final report and a list of target countries. We will also send you a list of things to do for export. With the reporting of this process, the demands and company information in the product group we have identified will start to be conveyed to you instantly.

Why Should You Have Export Requests?
The most valuable thing will be the information for you today and in the future. “BUYER DATA” , “BEFORE BUYED DATA” , “POSSIBLE TO RECEIVE” ,“POTENTIAL BUYER DATA”  and “TARGET MASS” Think about the size of your investment for all these concepts without realizing it. Search Engines, social media, digital marketing are all the actions you take to find and find what you do. You have never been able to access this information for this price, and you will not be able to access it. Therefore, you must be a member of the export requests membership system.

IGEME  export development center is a company whose work force is export bread water and  entertainment .This was the company setup in Turkey’s and  world’s first and only hybrid platform GATEOFTEC Export Business Intelligence Center and its will be   delivered by the IGEME  Field Team.

35 experts, 12 million importers, around 2400 exporters’ unions and chambers of commerce, about 600 commercial employment screens, 2,381 portal, and it provides you with the information and data obtained from 5 domestic and international fairs from 720 fairs per year.
You already see the IGEME stands at the fairs and meet the team with yellow vests. You will continue to see the IGEME and GATOFTEC teams.

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Export Requests Membership

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