500 billion $ export Turkey is trying to export target for 2023.
We Know  The world's 17th economy!
Early bird gets the worm Our export business, our strength turkey
Market Research Identifying suitable for you the world market, market research is conducted.
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We are aiming at a $500 billion export target in 2023, as IGEME export development center. Our mission is to help exporters find new markets, increase their exports and ensure new exporters to train.
We are publishing and distributing Turkish Expo Directory for you. We want our exporters to communicate with new companies and find new markets. The business world shall touch Turkey once again by the help of this directory.
We will continue to work for our exporters to succeed around the world. Hence, we are going to be organizing and attending domestic and foreign expositions.
Export Development Center is a private company. It renders service to our exporters on publishing, consulting, training, marketing research and organization fields.
It is irrelevant to the export promotion studies center, which was closed down by the government. The only connecting link is the service philosophy towards exporters...


Recent News

Turkish Expo Directory 2015 enrollments have begun. Please fill in the entry form. Guide lines and approximately 1 million DVDs will be distrusted in 100 countries for you to introduce yourself. Turkish market has a $900 billion gap. Enroll to the directory and take your place for companies that want to enter the Turkish market.

IGEME training department is continuing to make organizations for you. Please email us on igeme@igeme.com.tr to attend e-marketing and export training courses...